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Company Overview:

Pro Geotech, Inc. (PGI) is a civil engineering consultant company specializing in geotechnical engineering related services.  PGI is a privately held corporation that is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.  PGI was established in 2008 after acquiring Prime Engineering & Architecture, Inc.’s geotechnical division, which brings more than 13 years of geotechnical engineering related experience to our company.  Since 1996, PGI has offered Geotechnical Engineering, Laboratory Testing, Construction Monitoring and Materials Testing, Drilling, Coating Inspection, and Maintenance of Traffic services to clients in both the public and private sectors.  Our client base includes engineers, architects, private owners, contractors, corporations, developers, various cities, counties, states, and federal agencies.

PGI has proudly teamed up with clients to provide geotechnical engineering related services.  We have provided Subsurface Exploration services for a wide variety of projects including interstate highways, highway interchanges, grade separations, bridges, various retaining wall types, culverts, embankments, noise walls, City/County roadways and intersections, airport terminals, runways, taxiways, and hangars, transit centers, railroad bridge replacement and rehabilitation, wastewater and water treatment plants, water supply systems, storm and sanitary sewer systems, water towers, residential and industrial subdivisions, parking lots and decks, industrial buildings, toll plaza structures, mine subsidence, slope failure investigations, instrumentation services for embankment slopes and tunnels construction projects, monitoring services for highways, interchanges, bridge and building foundations, water supply systems, embankment levees construction projects, materials testing services of soil, concrete, and asphalt on numerous construction projects, and coating cnspection services for bridge painting projects.


Our firm is pre-qualified by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) to provide several services including Geotechnical Engineering, Geotechnical Laboratory Testing, and Geotechnical Drilling Inspection services.  Our geotechnical testing laboratory has received certification under the AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL), the Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL), and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) for soils and concrete testing.


Our staff of a 7-member team includes professional engineers, geologists, CAD technicians, field inspectors, laboratory and field materials testing technicians, and a drilling crew. Our highly skilled, dedicated team members have extensive hands-on experience on numerous projects for providing Geotechnical Engineering, Laboratory Testing, Construction Monitoring and Material Testing, Coating Inspection, and Maintenance of Traffic services.  Our office is equipped with state-of-the-art geotechnical engineering analytical software.  We have invested significant resources in the utilization of gINT, PLog, SHAFT, LPILE, MicroStation, GSTABLE7, Reslope, ArcGIS, Ds7, and Google Earth Pro engineering software.

PGI operates an in-house laboratory and has state-of-the-art of laboratory testing equipment to perform geotechnical testing and construction materials testing including soil, concrete, and asphalt testing.  We have a fully automated unit for data acquisition during testing. We also have the drilling capabilities to obtain soil and bedrock samples in the field.    


PGI is a certified by the Ohio Department of Administration Services, the Ohio Department of Transportation, and other Agencies as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE).


To offer geotechnical engineering related services that always exceed our client’s expectations.  Satisfying our clients based on quality service excellence is our main goal.


We endeavor to be the company of primary choice for client’s service needs for Geotechnical Engineering, Laboratory Testing, Construction Observation and Materials Testing, and Drilling.

Core Values:

PGI's core values are the governing principles which guide the relationship between company, employees and clients.  These core values cannot be compromised at any time.  The following are company core values:    

  • Clients are the foundation for our companies existence.  PGI will treat them with fairness and loyalty. We are committed to serve them and fulfill their geotechnical engineering service needs.  We will do whatever it takes to earn their trust and confidence.
  • Strive to uphold the highest standard of professional integrity while offering excellent services that are reliable, consistent, performed in a timely manner, and within budget.

  • PGI recognizes that our staff is the foundation for our company’s success. We pledge to treat them fairly with respect and trust and reward them competitively.  We continually offer assistance to our staff to improve their technical knowledge and skills through continuing education and training.

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