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Construction Monitoring:

PGI’s inspectors/field testing technicians have considerable experience providing construction monitoring and material testing, and coating inspection services.  Our inspectors/field testing technicians have  worked on various ODOT Districts construction inspection/material testing and coating inspection contracts.  They have thorough understanding of inspection procedures and requirements necessary to provide high quality construction inspection services and documentation on ODOT specific forms and CMS entry of this documentation.  In addition, our inspectors/field testing technicians provided services on numerous Ohio Turnpike projects, airport projects, municipal projects and private sector projects.  Our inspectors/field testing technicians are Nuclear Density Gauge, ACI, NICET, and NACE certified and qualified to perform following services.

      Construction Monitoring

  • Resident Project Representative
  • Shallow Footing Bearing Capacity Verification
  • Drilled Shaft Installation
  • Driven Piles Installation
  • Auger Cast Piles Installation
  • Embankment Construction
  • Subgrade Preparation
  • Load Testing of Piles & Drilled Shafts
  • Pressure Meter Testing
  • Dynamic Load Testing
  • Reinforcing Steel Inspection
  • Bridge Deck Condition Survey
  • Tie-Back Installation

Construction Material Testing

  • Aggregate, Soil & Asphalt Compaction
  • Concrete Testing
  • Preparation of Concrete Cylinders and Beams
  • Preparation of Grout and Mortar Cube Specimens
  • Asphalt & Concrete Plant Inspection
  • Non-Destructive Rebar Verification
  • Concrete & Asphalt Coring
  • Non-Destructive In-Situ Concrete Strength
  • Structural Steel Inspection
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