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Materials Testing Laboratory:

We operate an in-house materials testing laboratory where a variety of laboratory tests are routinely performed on selected soil and rock samples in accordance with established ASTM, AASHTO, or other standard test methods. Our laboratory is currently certified by the AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL) for soil testing, Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL) for concrete testing, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for testing soil and concrete.  Our laboratory is fully equipped to run the following tests on soils, concrete, asphalt, grout, and mortar.

      Geotechnical Testing

  • Moisture Content
  • Moisture-Density Relationship
  • Atterberg Limits
  • Shrinkage Limit Test
  • Grain Size & Hydrometer
  • Specific Gravity Determination for Soils
  • Flexible Wall Permeability
  • One-Dimensional Consolidation
  • California Bearing Ratio
  • Direct Shear Test
  • Triaxial Compressive Test for Soil
  • Unconfined Compressive Test for Soil & Rock
  • Specific Gravity Determination for Coarse Aggregates
  • Organic Content
  • Visual Classification of Soil & Rock 

Construction Material Testing            

  • Concrete Cylinder & Beam Testing
  • Grout & Mortar Cubes Testing 
  • Brick & Block Masonry Testing
  • Corrosivity Testing
  • Petrographic Analysis
  • Specific Gravity of Compacted Mix
  • Extraction & Gradation





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